Servant Marriage

The Servant Marriage is a revelation on God’s masterpiece of marriage.
In this conference couples will walk with God as He creates the man, the woman and His masterpiece of marriage.
Couples will be introduced, not only to the Father God, but the Father in-law God in their marriage. They will also be introduced to practical ways in which they can walk out a servant marriage in their own home with their spouse


Couples attending this conference will be given the tools needed for an abundant marriage. Dr. Doug Weiss will walk couples through the three levels of Intimacy: spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy so that marriages can remain strong and resistant to divorce which is plaguing America today. When marriages are intimate they can last a lifetime! Couples will lean to understand the principles of intimacy, discover the roadblocks to intimacy, find ways to make intimacy a part of your daily life, and learn how to transform your marriage in 100 short days.

The conference is very hands-on. Each couple will actually participate in intimacy exercises during the conference. This experience of “doing the work” to achieve intimacy gives these couples the confidence to follow through at home. 

7 Love Agreements

Dr. Weiss will present the importance of Faithfulness, Forgiveness, Service, Respect, Kindness, and Celebration in marriage. Learn how to apply these seven love agreements in your marriage and you will experience the power behind them.

10 Minute Marriage

Drawing on his decades of marital experience and counseling, Dr. Weiss will share how taking ten minutes a day to focus on each other, couples can enhance their marriage in ways that will be appreciated for a lifetime. As couples learn to communicate and understand each other more deeply, lasting intimacy will occur. You can revolutionize your relationship in just minutes a day from the skills learned at the conference.

Miracle of Marriage

Your marriage is an amazing and unique miracle. Just like every child has a DNA and destiny, so does your one-of-a-kind miracle called marriage.  Dr. Weiss walks you through the creation and maintenance of your marriage. You will be exposed to practical insights that can help make your marriage into God’s original design. You deserve the best marriage possible and this conference can help you get a “well done” from the Father on your miracle of marriage.