Who I Am

I am a Licensed Psychologist and the Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am also the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT).




What I do

As Executive Director, I maintain a number of counselors, support groups, and 3 or 5 day intensive. I am a frequent guest for national television, radio and print media and a prolific writer on marriage, addiction and self help topics pertaining to intimacy in marriage, single hood, men’s and women’s issues, and recovery from addiction.


Why Me?

I have been free from sexual addiction for over 20 years and am using what I know to help you find and walk in freedom for the rest of your life.



We had a blast!! Doug was just a fabulous communicator. I had several couples talk to me at church the following day and express their gratitude for brining Doug to Tucson. Once couple (both husband and wife talking) that we know well told me that Saturday night after the Intimacy session was the best night of their marriage in the last 15 years. We are so thankful and know that many lives will be changed and that God’s kingdom work in Tucson has been greatly strengthened. Again, thank you for just a wonderful day. The four associate pastors that were in attendance were just blown away!! I have already spoken with our senior pastor who got back from vacation today and he had already heard from two of the pastors how blessed they were and how they were putting to practice the intimacy material in their own marriages.

My wife and I attended one of your seminars here in Oklahoma City at Heartland Community Church and, I would just like to say thanks. IF someone would have told me a week before my wife and I went to your seminar that it was going to change our marriage so profoundly I would have called them a liar. My marriage is soooo much better already, I can’t wait for what it will be like in another month or two, or even over the years to come. I also won your book “Sex, Men and God” as a door prize, what a blessing that was! Since I am in the Air Force I hear of so many stories of marriages that fail, due to deployments. Now, I can confidently refer them to your work knowing that if they implement what you teach their marriage can survive anything. Again, I just wanted to say thanks!

Thank you so much for a great conference of relevant topics. You said in one weekend what we have needed to hear in months of counseling! God Bless you!

It was a great conference in Stephenville on Saturday and I am so happy to have been equipped to talk to my son (now 7) at the right age in the future so that he may know how to handle things he is exposed to in his life as he grows. The whole program was great and I hope we have you back many times for this program and for others like the marriage seminar.

We met briefly last November at your conference in a Naperville, IL church, where your message cut right through me revealing my addictive nature I had denied my entire life. The LORD is greatly using your work in a time that it is needed more than ever, and I want to thank you personally for what has clearly become your life’s passion.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following the Holy Spirit to build this ministry for men and women who need deliverance and freedom from sexual addictions. It is a bright ray of hope.

This workshop was above and beyond expectations! Every woman should hear it.

This has been the best help yet for my marriage. Thank you Doug for all you have done and are doing!